About me

Hi, Mama! Let me introduce myself, and this blog.

I’m Mélyse – a mama from Ottawa, Canada, where I’ve lived for my entire life. That’s right – you heard me… my whole entire life! I live here with my two girls, Owen and Auli, and my husband Sean. I’m currently home to care for my little ladies (and pregnant with out third!), and though it isn’t always rainbows and unicorns, wouldn’t trade it for the world. A typical day for us includes a lot of laughs, tears, plot twists, and laundry (ALL the laundry). I love coffee, wine, cooking and getting outside, and commiserating with other mamas about the wild ride that is motherhood.

When I first found out I was pregnant (surprise baby #1), I found myself googling every single little thing, knowing nothing about this world at all. I wished for a place that didn’t convince me that I was dying at every turn, and for a place with real, honest answers. Hence, the birth of this blog - a place where I’m hoping I can be the voice telling you all that yes, mama, I’ve been there too.