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"How do you juggle it all?"

Dear mama, How are you juggling all of this!? Two kids at home, the chores that come along with being a SAHM, your blog and Instagram page, relationship, friends, time for yourself...?! Teach me your ways. -New mama trying to do it all

Dear 'New mama trying to do it all',

Want to hear the answer?

I don't.

I might be juggling it all at some points in the days/weeks, but I drop a LOT of balls. You could compare my juggling skills to those of a rookie clown on his first day of circus school.

Sometimes, I have the luxury of choosing which balls I'm going to drop to ensure some stay in the air. Other days, random balls fall at the most inopportune times, and I'm struggling to keep two up there. And sometimes, I drop ALL of the mother fucking balls. All of them.

And I'm not the best at dealing with it when I do. I'm not the best at picking up the balls and just starting over again. Instead, I throw the fucking balls. I throw them. And some of them bounce right back into my face (at least that's what it seems in the moments of rage).

So, I'll keep this short. With time as a mama, I'm getting better. I'm getting better at finding tips and tricks to ensure that I keep (most) balls in the air. Those are the tips and tricks I'm sharing with you. I'm also trying to be real with you in sharing the moments where the balls do happen to fall. Because that's reality. Give yourself grace, mama. No one is juggling it all.

So, mama. You asked how I juggle all of it.

My pantry is a mess.

Laundry is on its third cycle in the washer because I keep forgetting and letting it sit too long.

My toddler hasn't been bathed in 3 days (despite the cake icing in her hair).

I haven't made a proper meal since Thursday (we ordered takeout twice this weekend because we didn't make time to do groceries).

I have a pile of things to sell on Kijiji (they've been sitting on my table for weeks now).

I triple-booked myself with friends today - forgetting what my schedule even looked like.

... and the list just keeps going.

The real and honest answer is that I simply don't juggle it all. And you shouldn't feel pressure to do so, either.


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