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I've been potty training this kid for 6 months

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Potty training is tough, mama! My eldest, Owen, is now 2 years and 2 months (26 months for the sake of this story, but I'm one of those people that hates using months anytime after 2 years old), and we've been potty training her since Christmas. She had this phase where she pooped in every single bath from about 10 months to 18 months old, and so I had gotten awesome at reading her cues and plopping her onto the potty when things were moving. She has been fully poop-trained since she was 18 months. We decided not to push the pees, and that she would learn on her own, but by Christmas, we decided to try the 3-day potty training method. The premise of this is to pull the diaper off your babe cold turkey for 3 days straight, and that by the end they'll be trained - voila! There are more details, but I'll trust Google to pass on that info to you all if you decide that's the route you want to go. Another great resource I used was this guide from Busy Toddler!

Owen did great for a few weeks, then would regress. And so we'd try again, and she'd regress again. We're now at month 6 since we officially started and I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We haven't been as strict as we could've been. We used pull-ups if we wanted to stress less while gathering at our friends' homes. We used pull-ups at museums and play-places because I didn't trust myself to gather two kids and my caboose full of gear on time for her teeny little bladder. We used pull-ups on weekends where we just didn't have it in us to do another load of laundry. We keep using pull-ups at night, because well, until my youngest is sleeping through the night, I'm sure as heck not adding another night waking to my to-do list.

Initially, I was worried about my daughter's progress, but in time, she is learning. And I am not ashamed of the times I 'let it go' (shout out to my girl Elsa) and stuck her into a pull-up if it meant lifting a bit of weight off my mama shoulders. Yes, mama, it is perfectly normal for your toddler to take a few months to be fully potty-trained too, so give yourself grace!

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