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I found out I was pregnant the day my husband left for his bachelor party

Let me set the stage. This was the end of August 2016, and my husband-to-be had just left, on a Friday, with all of his buddies. He was headed to his bachelor party, for a weekend of shenanigans at a cottage in Mont-Tremblant. 

Two of my girlfriends, who’s husbands were also attending the boys’ weekend, had come over with wine and a plan to hang out over some snacks and a movie. My (extremely regular) period was a couple of days late, but I wasn’t overly worried. I had started a new job two weeks prior, Sean was in the midst of his summer exams for his Masters degree, and I figured stress was to blame. As one of my friends was popping open the bottle of wine, I mentioned I was late, and she told me that: ‘I should just go take a test to put my mind at ease, and that because it would be negative, I could come down and enjoy some wine with them without worry’. I headed on upstairs, grabbed the test, did the ol’ pee on the stick, and left it on the counter to ‘think’. I washed my hands, looked down, and saw two dark lines. 

I screamed “Oh F*CK! F*CK! F*CK! F*CK!”

Both girls came running up the stairs, knocking at the door.

“You’re joking, right?”
“I don’t think I’m joking”

I opened the door, we sat on the stairs, and stared at the test. I ran back to the bathroom to grab the box to make sure the code we were deciphering was indeed telling me I was knocked up, 3 months before my wedding day. 

“It’s okay. This is just one of those Dollarama tests. We’ll go buy a real one, it’s probably didn’t work properly”

And so we went – to the pharmacy to pay 18$ for a new pee stick that would tell me the exact same thing. I was 100% pregnant!

“OH, F*CK!”

One of my girlfriend was in shock alongside me, and the other (also pregnant at the time), cackled every 15 minutes, yelling “YOU’RE PREGNANT, DUDE”, making matters more and more real by the minute

I need to stop here for a second. I’ve always, always wanted kids. I’ve always known that I wanted to be a mom, and that I wanted a family of my own with Sean. But, in my head, this would all happen according to my master plan, after our honeymoon in June 2017, so that he’d be done his Masters degree and we’d be off to a fresh start with our new baby. It’s always how life works out, right? According to our master plan?

False. This was the curve-ball of the century! We’d been using the pull-out method (and clearly should’ve known better), and no part of us saw this coming. Not to mention, finding out I was pregnant without Sean by my side was definitely not the way things were ‘supposed’ to go! Even less so while he was at his bachelor party, and I’d have to wait two whole days until he’d be back on Sunday night. 

My girlfriends were absolutely amazing that weekend, offering to stay at with me so that I wouldn’t be alone in this moment (though I could’ve done without the middle-of-the-night reminders that I was pregnant by my dear, cackling friend). 

Fast-forward to Sunday, when Sean got home. Both terrified and excited, I couldn’t wait to tell him the news. We lay in bed that night, and I told him I needed to tell him something. Having just come home from his bachelor party, he was sure I had questions to ask about the weekend. 

“What do you want to know? I’ll tell you anything, I’m just so tired… can we talk tomorrow?”
“No, I don’t want to talk about the bachelor party. It’s not that. Umm… I’m pregnant.”

I wish I was able to record the look on his face, mamas! In a moment of sheer exhaustion, surprise, and happiness, he smiled, hugged me, and told me how excited he was. I definitely was so relieved, and it made me feel so great that I’d be navigating this adventure with a great guy like him. 

Morals of the story?

  1. Don’t rely on the pull-out method for birth control. 

  2. Dollar store pregnancy tests do work 

  3. It’s okay to not feel immediate excitement when you see that big fat positive. I know that many struggle with infertility and am eternally grateful for the way things worked out for us, but I am not ashamed to say that the surprise was a hard one to swallow in the beginning.

Where were you when you found out you were pregnant? I’d love to hear your story too!

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