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My first impression of the IUD

I have two surprise babies. I know what you're thinking - this girl needs a better form of birth control!

As I'm still breastfeeding, the choices are limited; I could choose from the progesterone only pill, an intrauterine device (IUD), and, well, abstinence. I'm unreliable when it comes to remembering to take a pill every day (when it comes to remembering anything, really), and well, abstinence just isn't my jam. Sorry, not sorry.

I'd discussed the IUD as an option with my midwife before my final discharge visit, and she had nothing but great things to say, so off I went to my physician to get a prescription for the Mirena IUD - a hormonal birth control that is placed directly into your uterus, and lasts up to 5 years.

After getting my prescription, I booked an appointment to see an obstetrician and trucked my kids along with me for the insertion (one of the downfalls of having both kids home with me with limited daytime childcare available - poor them).

I had read and heard so many terrifying IUD insertion stories, so was a bit hesitant, but figured that since I'd recently given birth to a 7lb babe, I'd be able to tolerate the speculum (which honestly, was the worst part of it). Insertion was quick and easy, and I had mild cramping for the rest of the day, but nothing atrocious, or anywhere close to labour pains. I would compare it to period cramps, in my experience of it all. Nothing a bit of Ben & Jerry's can't fix, right?!

Since then, I've experienced on-and-off spotting, and some headaches (I assume from the hormones settling), but things seem to finally be looking up. The obstetrician quoted me an adjustment period of up to 6 months, and so I've just attributed my symptoms to that.

Other than the annoying spotting, I've absolutely loved my IUD. It's great to know that I'm covered without having to think about taking a pill every day, and we don't need to worry about condoms. Because let's be honest, condoms are just no fun. We weren't ready to make a call as final as a vasectomy just yet, and so this is giving us some breathing room while we decide what's best for our family (more like, while I try to convince my husband that a third babe is a good idea).

I read so many horror stories that I thought I'd share some good for those also thinking about their birth control options. Do you have a positive experience with your IUD as well? Share below - I'm sure mamas would love to hear about it!

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