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Styling the bump: First trimester

When I got pregnant with my first daughter, I won't lie - I had no effing clue how I was going to dress this new body of mine. I'd been the same size since basically forever, and all of a sudden was graced with boobs that I had zero clue how to handle, and a baby bump that I'd been convinced I could pull off in 'non-maternity clothes' forever. Let's be real, though - that lasted all of 8 weeks until I pulled out a pair of those high-panel jeans my friend had lent me. The bloating was real, and the hair-elastic trick wasn't cutting it anymore.

There are still so many unknowns in your first trimester - you're stressing about getting into the 'safe-zone' of the second trimester (and not wanting to spend too much until you are), and you may not have announced your pregnancy to the world yet, meaning you're trying to hide this bloating from your colleagues, friends, and family (all while looking cute, somehow?). Enter, Maman Chic Boutique!

I first met Sarah when I was pregnant with Owen, over three years ago now. My mom and I booked an appointment and ventured to her shop in hopes of finding some clothes I would love. Let's just say I wasn't fond of much at the bigger maternity stores, and didn't trust that the quality would last me beyond my first pregnancy.

Sarah and her boutique definitely did not disappoint. Maman Chic is filled with adorable options that fit the bump and beyond. It's definitely easier to spend money on maternity clothes knowing there's a way to make the pieces work after the belly is gone, and Sarah has filled her store with pieces that do just that.

I thought I'd split up this feature in three posts to focus on the needs for each trimester. Dressing the bump in each phase can prove to have its own challenges!

First trimester:

  • You don't want to spend too much money until you're into your second trimester

  • You're still trying to hide the bump, but need something that doesn't feel frumpy

  • And... this:

I hear ya, ladies. Pants.

So, let's cut to the chase. What outfits did we put together?

This adorable casual outfit is perfect for a day at the park, or for folding that giant pile of laundry that's been staring at you all week. The Remember When Jogger paired with this flowy basic tee (that will be available for the first time at the pop-up this weekend - eee!) is both comfortable and cute, and is great for putting on a pair of pants that isn't 'just another pair of black leggings'. These pants also come in a khaki, black, or pink if navy doesn't suit your taste. During pregnancy, these pants' comfortable waistband fits under the belly, and I've personally loved mine most for maternity leave days when the belly was way gone.

Next up is a perfect sweater to spice up those leggings, because well, they're just part of mom life. The Weekender sweater's open sides make for ample room for a growing baby bump, as well as boob access should you so need it after babe arrives. It's long in the back to cover that bum and also comes in different colours (take a peek) - Sarah will attest to the fact that she can never keep these in stock!

One of the biggest struggles of pregnancy is styling that bump to look work-appropriate, or just to feel plain cute for a dinner out with friends. These next two outfits are a mix of the perfect pieces to be used as staples in your wardrobe.

First up, this pair of faux-leather pants. I'm just going to stop right there. I have never owned a pair of faux-leather pants for my regular every day body, let alone with the added qualms of pregnancy. This goes to show how much I trust Sarah's judgement in choosing clothing, because I put them on without a fight. And my goodness they are THE most comfortable maternity pants I have ever put on. I snagged a pair to take home, so I'll review these in each trimester to see if it keeps passing the test.

We paired it with a long top from Ripe Maternity, and a few accessories, and called it a day. The key to spending less on maternity clothes is buying pieces that are versatile, and therefore can be used to make up multiple different outfits. These pants, along with a plain white or grey tee, or a snug tank and a cardigan would also look great. This top could also easily be layered over a pair of maternity jeans to make for a more casual look.

Last but not least, you sometimes need a top to throw on with a pair of jeans, and this pretty number definitely did not disappoint. The layered peplum bottom is perfect for trying to conceal that bump in those early bloating days, but will so well complement the bump once it's ready to be shown off. I mean, need I say more?!

I could go on and on about the other pieces we tried on, but I think a dive into Maman Chic's website will do the trick. Sarah does an amazing job of putting together the most stylish collections for each and every season, always keeping the different stages of pregnancy and motherhood in mind.

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