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I kept my toddler home while on maternity leave

Hi, mama! Maternity leave life can be lonely – ya feel me? Long days spent talking to a baby who can’t talk back, doing activities you’re pretending they’re enjoying, and cancelling plans because of fevers, coughs, or rough nights. I found the first 6 months of my first maternity leave to be so hard. This time around, on my second maternity leave, I immediately knew I wanted to have Owen, my toddler, home with me full time.

When I was pregnant, I got comments about my decision all the time:

“Oh, you’re going to regret that one” “Definitely keep her in daycare, at least part time” “Ha! You’re brave” “When are you going to get anything done?” “WHY would you do that to yourself?!”

Truth is, mama, the chores can wait. The perfect house can wait. The fancy meals can wait. This is likely the last opportunity I’m ever going to have to be home with her, and the only opportunity I’ll ever have to be home with both of my girls at the same time. I relish the challenge, and absolutely love having her home. Even though interactions with my toddler often come in the form of commands, wants, and needs, at least (most of the time) it’s a form of understandable communication. Yes, we have hard days. Sometimes they outweigh the easy ones. But I’d have the hard days if I were working in an office. I’d have the hard days if she wasn’t home. What I wouldn’t have is the smiles she brings me, and her little sister, daily. I wouldn’t have her laughter to make the hard moments shine a little brighter. I wouldn’t have her hugs and her kisses, and her ridiculous little bum dancing in my way all day long.

Yes, mama, having my toddler home makes this whole journey seem a little less lonely. If you’re thinking of keeping your toddler home too, reach out. Let’s chat. I’ll be here to tell you that you will not regret it.

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